I bought a 100 year old apartment building that needed a lot of work. Amongst other things, it had the original plumbing throughout. I interviewed several plumbers, who when they met me and realized that I didn't know much about plumbing, not to mention was a woman, had dollar signs in their eyes. During a meeting with my mortgage broker, I explained my dilemma and he said he had the perfect person for my job. Jan had done work at his house and he was professional and trustworthy. I had Jan out and hired him on the spot. He replaced an entire plumbing wall and ran new gas lines too. Most of this work was done in a 4 foot crawl space and I'm still not sure how he was able to get it all done. When he said he would be there he was, and this was the first time I had experienced that with any sort of contractor. His work was done on time and under budget, and he will be back this summer to finish the rest of the building.

Jean - Chicago

One Thursday afternoon I came home from work and started cooking dinner. I was rinsing same vegetables when I noticed that my faucet is leaking and I have water all around my sink and countertop. I panicked. I had absolutely no idea what to do, so I called my husband at work. I told him what happened and he said he will call me in 5 minutes. When he called me back he told me to call Vanguard Plumbing, he got the number from one of his co-workers that had a water heater problem recently and recommended them. It was already 4:30 in the afternoon when I called and I did not know what to expect. When I told the plumber what happened and he said he could come today but it would have to be in about an hour. I was really happy to hear that because I wanted to have it over with today. I gave him my address and waited for him to come. In about 40 minutes Jan- the plumber called me to let me know he would be here 15 minutes early and if that was OK. I gasped with joy. Jan came as agreed, put on protective covers on his shoes ( I thought it was very nice ) and looked at my faucet. It needed to be replaced, so he gave me a few options and prices and I picked the one I liked. His work was done quickly and when he finished everything was cleaned up and my kitchen looked as nothing happened or even better than before ( with a brand new faucet ). I wrote him a check, he gave me an invoice with a warranty and a coupon for a future service call. I was very pleased with the whole experience and I am sure that for all my future plumbing needs I will be using Vanguard Plumbing.

Emily Berry

I am a general contractor and I have used Vanguard Plumbing, Inc. on multiple occasions. I really like working with Vanguard Plumbing they are dependable, honest and on time. Most of our projects consisted of plumbing demo, putting in new plumbing, installing all new fixtures and trims. Their work is always clean and professional. My costumers are always very pleased with the outcome. I will use Vanguard Plumbing for all my future rehab projects.