5 Star Reputation

Our 5-Star Reputation: 300 Perfect Reviews & Counting

One of the easiest ways to identify the right plumber is by scanning their reviews found across the web. These reviews function much like the word-of-mouth of days past, but instead of friends and family recommendations, you have access to the entire city’s feeling about a good or service. That’s a pretty powerful resource when looking for the right provider for you.

At Vanguard, we take our business very seriously. Yes, we like to have fun, too, but when it comes to your home or business – we’re all business. You can take our word for it, which would be fine, but when you’ve got access to the web why not surf around and see for yourself. Our reviews are spread far and wide, so whether it’s Facebook, Angie’s List, or Google – or even another site we don’t even know about – you’re sure to find Vanguard with a 5-Star Rating.

Angie’s List

As a service company, we’ve been on Angie’s List for years. It began as a great place for the public to find reputable companies and has grown into quite the powerhouse for promoting the right kind of contractors – the kind you’re looking for. And, reviews play a huge role in that choice. Vanguard proudly boasts an A-Rating with 166 “A” reviews – the equivalent of 5-Stars. That’s 166. All we can say is we do our best for every client and people obviously appreciate that. Visit our page!


No matter what you may feel about Yelp, it’s here to stay and has become quite the influencer when it comes to the public’s choice of a service company. It holds an incredible amount of information on businesses all across the globe. So, paying attention to what our customers say about us on the platform is a big task and one we take seriously. That’s why we’re so proud of our rating. How many companies can say they have 101 5-Star reviews on Yelp? We can. Visit our page!


If you’re a fan of Facebook, and almost the entire planet is, then you should go and check out our page and give us a like while you’re there. We’ve only just started getting Facebook reviews as a service company, so our numbers are relatively low, but we maintain our 5-Star Status! Visit our page!


While we don’t have the review numbers on Google that we’d like yet, that’s more due to their late entry into the game than our lack of doing well-received work. But, once they entered into the business information and review space, they’ve quickly become an important outlet for customers to talk about their experiences. And, much like everywhere else across the web, we maintain a stellar reputation on Google as well. Check out our reviews and see for yourself! Visit our page!


Unlike the other review sites, the Better Business Bureau is a cornerstone of American commerce – especially at the local level. That makes it a great place to start learning about a company’s history and their track record in the city in which they operate. And, while the BBB is a pay-to-play organization, meaning they take money for business profiles, the reviews and complaints found on the site are real – more real in some ways than Yelp or Facebook where anyone can leave a review without even having used a product or service. Visit our page!

Vanguard’s the Clear Choice! (773) 633-6139

As you can see, we’re quite proud of our reputation throughout Chicago and the surrounding communities. In fact, we’ll put our track record up against anyone’s and feel confident about the results. It’s not that we’re after great reviews – even though we are – it’s that we’re devoted to delivering the highest quality service at the precise price we quoted before work began. Sometimes people think we’re expensive, but, actually, we simply don’t hide fees or charge hourly rates for our labor. Everything, all cost associated with your job, is included in our quote. You can feel confident in the price you’ll pay – and better about the results! So, call (773) 633-6139 today and work with the best!