Going On Vacation? Prep Your Chicago Plumbing First!

Going On Vacation? Prep Your Chicago Plumbing First!

Are you a homeowner on Chicago’s Northwest Side? Planning to go away on vacation this year? Whether you’re leaving in the spring, summer, fall or winter there are some things you should consider doing to best prepare your home for the time you’re going to be away. The team at vanguard Plumbing & Sewer – Chicago’s highest rated residential service plumber – is here to give you some tips you can use to prep for vacation the right way.

Of course, if you need any plumbing services prior to your departure you can get them fast from the licensed and insured Northwest Side plumbers from Vanguard. Just give us a call at (773) 633-6139 for an estimate for any residential plumbing services you need at your Northwest Side home.

Is It Really Important to Prep Plumbing Before Leaving?

Yes, it most certainly is important to prep your home’s plumbing system for a lengthy getaway – at least if you want to be as safe and economic as possible that is. Think about it – what is a plumbing system but a way to transport water from place to place. Now think about that happening when there’s no one around. What if something goes wrong – like a heavy freeze causing a pipe to burst.

Without you there to intervene it could flood your entire home and you wouldn’t know it until you returned. That’s definitely not how you want to come home from a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. So be smart about it beforehand or be ready to call Vanguard at (773) 633-6139 for plumbing services as soon as you get back.

What Plumbing Steps to Take When Leaving for Vacation?

The steps you’ll want to take to protect your home and its plumbing system while you’re away on vacation are quite simple and straightforward if you’re at all familiar with your Northwest Side home’s plumbing and power systems. We’ve listed them for you below in bullet form to make it easy to get a quick reminder whenever you need one and then we’ve explained each step in greater detail afterward.

We chose to present the information this way so that all our Northwest Side customers can feel comfortable taking the necessary steps. These steps to pre your Chicago home’s plumbing system before leaving for vacation include:

  • Shutting off water to the plumbing system.
  • Draining or turning off hot water heater.
  • Draining outside spigots and detaching hoses.
  • Test your sump pump (if applicable).
  • Clean drains throughout home.

Step #1: Turn Off Your Home’s Primary Water Supply

The easiest way to stop a flooding event from hitting your home while you’re out of town is to turn off the primary water supply. You can do this in multiple ways with the easiest being addressing the main water line. However, if that’s not practical you can go to each fixture and appliance and turn the water off to them individually. This includes sinkstoiletshot water heaters – anywhere water comes into your home.

Step #2: Drain & Turn Off Your Hot Water Heater

This step may be tricky for some homeowners in our Northwest Side service area but it’s something you should become familiar with so that you can regularly clean your hot water heater without the help of a Vanguard hot water heater plumber. In any event, all you need to do is turn the unit off or to “vacation mode” if it has one of those available. This will help you protect your home and save you money too as hot water heaters are notorious energy users in Northwest Side homes.

Step #3: Drain Outside Spigots & Detach All Hoses

You’ve turned the water off to your Northwest Side home and that’s a start but you still need to address the outside plumbing connections. These stand as a weakness until you address them because they allow outside conditions to reach inside the home – or they do when they left on while you’re gone. By opening them up and draining them completely you’re ensuring that all the water is out of the plumbing and out of the home.

Step #4: Test Your Northwest Side Home’s Sump Pump

This steps can be skipped completely by those who don’t have a basement and sump pump setup installed in their Northwest Side home. For those who do have a sump pump installed, you’re going to want to run a sump pump test to make 100% sure that’s it’s operational and ready to safeguard your home while you’re away on vacation. Storms can popup in Chicago at just about any time of year and flooding basements can be a real problem so ensure your sump pump is working well before you set off.

Last Step: Clean Your Home’s Drains To Prevent Odors

That’s pretty much all you need to do to protect your home from a plumbing disaster happening while you’re away. Oh, one final thing you may want to do – clean your drains throughout your Northwest Side home. If you don’t they’ll dry out and anything remaining in them will start to stink – possibly badly. Check them before you leave to make sure you’ll be coming home to a sweet-smelling home after your enjoyable vacation.

If You Find Anything Amiss With Your Plumbing Call Vanguard!

If you come back home and find anything wrong with your home’s plumbing system just call the award-winning plumbers from Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer at (773) 633-6139 to schedule a visit and an estimate covering whatever plumbing problems you’re facing. You can also submit a contact form with your information so that our team can call you back directly!

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