Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Project

Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer has been helping customers with their remodeling projects for years – especially bathrooms. We love helping a home or business owner finally get the fixtures and amenities they love and take great pride in our ability to be both flexible and responsive to their needs. You never know what awaits you when you peel back old plumbing, but we do our best to anticipate the worst and deliver the best.

Our first step with a customer is determining the placement of the bathroom plumbing fixtures. The precise layout of your dream bathroom will inform our choices for drilling and piping, so it’s important to give the planning phase its fair share of time and attention.

The Order of Operations

Vanguard’s professional plumbers always follow the same order of operations when remodeling a bathroom’s plumbing for a client. First, because we don’t like to flood our clients’ homes, we turn off the water to the house. Next, we make our cuts and run the water lines. Then we connect all of the necessary drains and their lines to the system before installing the toilet, then the sink, then the tub and shower.

It may seem strange to leave the tub and/or shower until the very end, but we do this for an important reason – it’s the most difficult. Getting a toilet installed is simple for a professional and is mostly leveling and sealing. Sinks are basically the same with the benefit of being easier to access and work around. The shower and tub require the most free space to maneuver, the most people to carry and adjust, and the most work to properly seat and connect. It makes sense to finish the bathroom with its biggest feature.

“I highly recommend Vanguard Plumbing! Jan was extremely patient with my design process and was consistently flexible in working with my down-to-the-last minute decisions. He was exceptionally professional. He answered his phone, suggested finish ideas, took responsibility for his work and executed a very high quality end result that actually looked like art! It almost seemed a shame to drywall over it. I will happily introduce my future renovation clients to Jan and I genuinely look forward to working with him again someday!”

Karin A. – Chicago, IL

When Work Is Complete

Remodeling projects can combine the skills and talents of a wide variety of home service professionals – plumbing being just one of them. So, when we’re through installing your fixtures and connecting your water supply to each, we’ll get out of the way and leave you and your other teams the room you need to finish your dream bathroom. All we require is your signing off on our work and your satisfaction with the level of service provided. As long as we have those, and you have your dream bathroom, everyone walks away a winner. Call (773) 633-6139 today to learn more about raising your bathroom up-to-par.