Drain Service

Drain Service Project

When a customer reaches out to Vanguard about a drain issue in their home or business, we begin the process by asking a series of detailed questions aimed at getting to the heart of the matter. Many times people will remember something during the Q&A that they may not think important, but when we hear it as a plumber we know right away what the problem may be. That’s a great deal of any service job – listening.

When we feel confident we understand the issue, we offer our estimate for service – either after a visit or a thread of images and communications has passed between us – and, if accepted, we begin our work to resolve the issue. In this sample case, we understood the problem was backed up drains on the second floor of a residence. Our quote was only given after a visit to inspect the pipes and uncover the root issue. Our estimates are job-specific so you’ll never get an obnoxious hourly charge tacked on before payment.

The Right Diagnosis

At Vanguard, we use traditional and modern tools in tandem to properly diagnose clogged drains. So, while a snake and auger will be on display, so will a fiber optic camera and other technological advances we use to better understand the problems we’re facing. It cuts down on time and wasted effort and allows for much more efficient use of our energies when battling a tough clog.

In our sample situation, our customer was facing years of hair buildup in a bend in the drain pipe. This problem was exacerbated by the continued use of chemicals to try to loosen the clog which weakened the bonds between pipes and would have eventually led to serious leaking within the walls. We uncovered it in time and were able to extract the clog with a combination of snake and water pressure. In the end, we always avoid chemicals wherever possible.

“I highly recommended Vanguard Plumbing. They fixed my sink and bathtub all in one swoop! The price was amazing and I’ll be using them from now on! Thank you guys!!”

Matt K. – Chicago, IL

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At Vanguard, we tell customers every single day that with the right maintenance and proper troubleshooting a clogged drain is nothing to worry about. However, if the normal tools for clearing it up – aside from harmful chemicals – won’t do the trick, they should reach out to us immediately to be sure that nothing more serious is happening inside their pipes. There’s a lot of potential for water damage which can quickly become an expensive fix, so make the call to Vanguard at the very first sign of trouble. In the end, it’s always better to be safe than out a few thousand dollars.