Sewer Line

Sewer Line Project

Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer specializes in sewer repair work of all kinds. It’s in our name after all, so it should come as no surprise that we’re the only plumber you need when it comes to your sewer lines. And, while clients come to us for a variety of sewer line issues, this sample will look at how we deal with a sewer line repair of a residential structure. It’s a bit more complicated than digging.

First, we want the customer to understand the problem. For this purpose, we carry a portable camera system we can feed into the line to find the cause of the issues. Upon seeing what they’re facing, customers can make the choice on how to proceed – to dig or not to dig. In most cases, it’s cheaper to use the traditional trench method where an excavator is used to dig a trench over the sewer line section that needs replacing. It’s messy. It’s loud. It’s intrusive.

You Have Options

Most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover sewer line wear and tear, so finding the most affordable option is usually the way people think. That’s all well and good, but there are times when a trench just isn’t possible. Think of cramped Chicago neighborhoods with metal fencing. In these instances, like in this sample, we prefer a new trenchless method over the backhoe.

We make several small access holes down to the sewer line and then run a flexible pie down the hole – feeding it to the other end. This pipe breaks up the old one on its way through and replaces it as goes, so it’s actually re-piping as it’s pulled into position. In the end, you have a new sewer line and your yard is only disturbed in two places – not an entire trench ripped through it. It’s more expensive, but worth the extra money if you wish to maintain your yard’s integrity.

“JAN IS A GREAT GUY…I had water backing up into my basement where there isn’t any plumbing or sewer lines and like a master detective. .figured it out. Not only did he power rod and camera our entire sewer line..He found our old catch basin, showed me every step of the process and followed every single sink, toilet and drain to its emptying source and documented it for me.”

Colleen E, Chicago, IL

Taking the Trenchless Approach

This sample approach seems kind of thin on content doesn’t it? Well, it’s meant to be that way. Once we know where your sewer line’s issue is, and you’ve selected either option A or B – trench or no trench, we go to work and you sit back and relax until the job is done. There’s not much more to it. After we’re done, you’ll have your home or business back with as little mess as you choose to live with. Vanguard will ensure that everything we can control is put exactly back as we found it. But, again, there will be visible signs work was done, but the amount is up to you.