Water filteration

Water Filtration Project

There are few hotter plumbing products on the market today than water filtration systems for the home or business – either whole-structure or point-of-use. When a customer contacts Vanguard in connection with one of these systems, we begin with a conversation about their needs. Once we understand the needs, we can recommend the perfect system for their property. You’d be surprised how many are on the market and each boasts something unique or proprietary that proves it’s better, more efficient, etc. As expected with today’s technology, the more you ask it to do, the more expensive it will be.

Depending on the answers we’re given in the initial discussions, we’ll choose a whole-home or point-of-use system and begin our installation steps. We’re certified installers of certain products and will gladly pass along any discounts, warranties, or other ancillary benefits of working with the manufacturer’s preferred provider of services – that’s us.

Getting the Work Started

The decisions the customer has made, and the filter those choices led to, have to be positioned in a strategic place. It needs to be easily accessible for routine maintenance and out of sight of casual visitors. After all, it’s a mass of tubes and hoses and cylinders in most cases – not the most attractive thing. It’s best situated in a basement, under a cabinet, or in a closet.

The system is installed by inserting it into the existing piping. This requires a portion to be removed from the existing system to allow for the filtration system to be introduced. It’s creates a portal the water must pass through to get from outside the structure into the plumbing system. Because these systems use filters to clean the water, they require regular maintenance to keep running smoothly.

“I can’t say enough about how satisfied I was with Jan at Vanguard.  I had contacted a number of plumbers through Angie’s List and ended up using Vanguard because I immediately was able to tell that Jan knew what he was talking about.”

Lisa T. – Downer’s Grove, IL

Get Cleaner Water Today

Once the system is installed into your home or business, we’ll take the time to cover the routine maintenance you’ll need to do to keep it running at peak performance. All of the material, debris, and contaminants pulled from your water will be trapped in the filter and needs to be removed every so often to avoid the entire system becoming clogged. Again, it’s something you can do yourself, but Vanguard’s team is always willing to make a service call if needed. Call (773) 633-6139 today to learn more about the range of systems we install and service.