Heater Installation

Water Heater Project

One of the more common issues we’re called in to solve is the hot water heater. Whether it’s a traditional model, a tank-less, gas or electric, we’ve had plenty of experience helping customers get back the hot water they need for a normal life. No one likes a cold shower – especially in Chicago. Our hot water heater sample project came to us on a Friday evening – literally right before we finished for the day.

At Vanguard, we’re here for customers on the weekend when necessary and were happy to come to the customer’s home that Saturday morning to take a look at her unit and decide on the best plan of action. We were able to quote the price for our work the night before based solely off of the detailed pictures and descriptions they sent to us, so as soon as we arrived it was just a matter of choosing the best course for completion after seeing the surrounding workspace.

Switching Old to Something New

The big issue with a hot water heater installation is the room needed to perform the tasks required. Often, these tanks are placed in out of the way cabinets or closets to keep them from being eyesores in a finished structure. While that’s all well and good for the original installer who did their work before walls were put up, it can make squeezing into these confined spaces almost impossible. This has to be taken into account when pricing is decided.

The keys to replacing a water heater efficiently all have to do with its placement. If access is possible, however difficult, it’s normally just a few hours’ worth of effort to get it done right and, luckily, that was the case with our sample client. They had adequate room to maneuver, they lived on the second floor of a building with easy access, and there was street parking available. All of these factors come into play.

These guys are GREAT!!!! Friday our water heater broke, well it was few years old, stuff happens …but Friday??? really??? called several plumbers from yelp, guy at Vanguard Plumbing not only seemed to be the most knowledgeable but also they had the lowest price, guess what.. I had my new water heater and  hot water running Saturday afternoon, that’s what I call good customer service”

Diane P. – Glenview, IL

Our Work’s Complete

After we’ve installed the unit, and taken the necessary time to explain safe operation to our customer, we make sure that all signs of our being there are taken with us when we leave. There’s no indication that sweaty plumbers were ever in your home or office and that’s exactly the way we want it. You should be able to forget the plumbing problems for good the second we walk out the door. Because you chose to work with Vanguard, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing a job was done right the first time.