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Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer – Service Areas

At Vanguard, we would love to be able to help each and every person that calls us for service. Sadly, it’s just not possible. With Chicago traffic, and a limited number of plumbers available each day, we just can’t get to everyone who needs us. In fact, we’ve had to design a specific service area in which to operate to ensure we can get from Point A to Point B with enough time to do the job.

Sadly, none of the sites people find us on allow for anything more than choosing Chicago as a service area. And, sometimes, this kind of misinformation makes them less than pleased with us, but we promise it’s not that we wouldn’t help, but that we can’t promise to make it somewhere only to be caught in traffic for hours. We take great pride in our 5-Star rating across the internet and work hard to maintain it. That means, unfortunately, having to turn down a customer who’s outside our service area. We hate to say no, but it’s just being realistic.

Cities & Zip Codes We Serve

Due to Chicago’s size and population, there are a tremendous number of zip codes associated with the area. We’ve used these zips to fine-tune our service area. It’s important to note that in some places only a section of the city included in the zip code is in our service area. If you’re unsure, just call (773) 633-6139 and we’ll let you know if we can come out to you. Our serviced zip codes and cities:

Chicago 60601 – Loop
Chicago 60603 – Loop
Chicago 60606 – Loop

Chicago 60613 – Lakeview
Chicago 60613 – Buena Park
Chicago 60613 – North Center
Chicago 60613 – St. Ben’s

Chicago 60614 – Lincoln Park
Chicago 60614 – Park West
Chicago 60614 – Mid-North District

Chicago 60618 – Avondale
Chicago 60618 – Roscoe Village
Chicago 60618 – Horner Park
Chicago 60618 – Irving Park
Chicago 60618 – Belmont Gardens
Chicago 60618 – Lathrop Homes
Chicago 60618 – North Center
Chicago 60618 – St. Ben’s

Chicago 60622 – West Town
Chicago 60622 – Ukrainian Village
Chicago 60622 – Wicker Park
Chicago 60622 – Noble Square
Chicago 60622 – Humboldt Park
Chicago 60622 – Smith Park

Chicago 60625 – Lincoln Square
Chicago 60625 – Ravenswood
Chicago 60625 – Ravenswood Manor
Chicago 60625 – Kimball
Chicago 60625 – Albany Park
Chicago 60625 – Peterson Park
Chicago 60625 – North Park

Chicago 60626 – Rogers Park

Chicago 60639 – Hermosa
Chicago 60639 – Belmont Cragin
Chicago 60639 – Belmont Central
Chicago 60639 – North Austin

Chicago 60640 – Andersonville
Chicago 60640 – West Edgewater
Chicago 60640 – Uptown
Chicago 60640 – Sheridan Park
Chicago 60640 – Ravenswood

Chicago 60641 – Old Irving Park
Chicago 60641 – Portage Park
Chicago 60641 – Belmont Gardens

Chicago 60642 – Noble Square
Chicago 60642 – River West

Chicago 60645 – West Ridge

Chicago 60646 – Lincolnwood
Chicago 60646 – North Park
Chicago 60646 – Hollywood Park
Chicago 60646 – Sauganash
Chicago 60646 – Edgebrook
Chicago 60646 – South Edgebrook
Chicago 60646 – Forest Glen

Chicago 60647 – Bucktown
Chicago 60647 – Wicker Park
Chicago 60647 – Logan Square
Chicago 60647 – Palmer Square
Chicago 60647 – Hermosa
Chicago 60647 – Belmont Gardens
Chicago 60647 – Humboldt Park
Chicago 60647 – Lathrop Homes

Chicago 60654 – River North

Chicago 60657 – Lake View
Chicago 60657 – Roscoe Village
Chicago 60657 – Park West

Chicago 60659 – Peterson Park
Chicago 60659 – West Ridge
Chicago 60659 – Hollywood Park
Chicago 60659 – North Park

Chicago 60660 – Edgewater
Chicago 60660 – West Edgewater

Chicago 60661 – Downtown

Chicago 60712 – Lincolnwood
Chicago 60712 – Edgebrook


Cities & Zip Codes We Serve 

Due to Chicago’s size and population, there are a tremendous number of communities and neighborhoods associated with the area. If you’re unsure about our service area, call (773) 633-6139 and we’ll let you know if we come to you. Our service area cities and neighborhoods include:

Albany Park, Alta Vista Terrace, Andersonville, Arcadia Terrace, Avondale, Belmont Central, Belmont Cragin, Belmont Gardens, Belmont Harbor, Bowmanville, Boys Town, Bricktown, Bucktown, Budlong Woods, Buena Park, DePaul, Downtown, Dunning, Edgebrook, Edgewater, Elmwood Park, Forest Glen, Franklin Park, Glenview, Greektown, Harwood Heights, Hermosa, Hollywood Park, Horner Park, Humboldt Park, Irving Park, Jefferson Park, Kimball, Kilbourn Park, Lake View, Lakeview East, Lathrop Homes, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, Lincolnwood, Little Italy, Logan Square, Magnolia Glen, Melrose Park, Mid-North District, Montclare, Morton Grove, Near West Side, Niles, Noble Square, Norridge, North Austin, North Center, North Halsted, North Park, Old Town, Old Irving Park, Old Wicker Park, Palmer Square, Park Ridge, Park West, Peterson Park, Portage Park, Ranch Triangle, Ravenswood, Ravenswood Manor, River Forest, River Grove, River West, Rogers Park, Roscoe Village, Sauganash, Schiller Park, Sheffield, Sheridan Park, Smith Park, South Edgebrook, St. Ben’s, The Villa, Ukrainian Village, University Village, Uptown, West Edgewater, West Lakeview, West Loop, West Ridge, West Town, Wicker Park, Winchester-Hood Garden Homes, Winnemac, Wrightwood Neighbors, Wrigleyville

Common Residential Services

Whether it’s a simple clogged drain or a new toilet install, Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer has the skills, the products, and the prices to deliver an A+ result in minimal time with zero worry. Call us today!

  • Toilets
  • Sinks & Faucets
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Showers
  • Water Heaters
  • Water Leaks
  • Drain Clogs

Call For An Estimate – By Phone If Possible!

Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. is happy to give estimates over the phone for a range of our services. If we get images by email of the area in question, along with the make and model of the fixture, we do our best to give an estimate without a visit. Call (773) 633-6139 today!

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