Custom Re-Pipe Projects

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Here in Chicago, one of the most common calls we get from homeowners and property managers is for what’s known as a re-pipe project – especially in old buildings. Re-pipe projects are aimed at updating all of the pipes a structure uses – from galvanized to copper. This is more than a code requirement – it’s a health and safety issue. Pipes don’t always age well.

At Vanguard, we have years of experience in re-pipe projects. We know what the jobs take and have the expertise, the resources, and the understanding of architecture needed to complete the project on-time and on-budget. With our warranty on labor, you can trust Vanguard to get the job done right and stand firmly behind the work. It’s how we operate.

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Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. is committed to delivering the finest service at the most affordable price. We’re happy if you’re happy and, if so, then we’ve discovered a new member of the Vanguard family. Whenever you need us, just call (773) 633-6139 and we’ll be right there. That’s how a family functions.


Custom Re-Pipe Projects

Before you make a choice for a re-pipe plumber, take some time and read our reviews across sites on the web. This is a big decision. Get it right the first time with Vanguard. Here are a few options:

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A re-pipe project represents a company using all its skill and resources to accomplish a herculean task and doing it all on your timetable and budget. That’s more than most can handle, but not Vanguard. We were built for this work. So, when you need help call (773) 633-6139.

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