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One of the greatest technologies to come into our everyday lives, without much fanfare to be honest, was the kitchen sink garbage disposal. No longer did we have to bag up our leftovers before throwing them out to keep our homes from smelling awful, no, now we simply put those pesky leftovers right down the drain and, with the flick of a switch, they magically disappeared without clogging our drain. Well, not magically, but it sure seemed that way when they were first introduced.

Today, garbage disposals have become lean, mean shredding machines that make getting rid of unwanted food items a much simpler task than it used to be. But, even with all the advancements, there are still times when a garbage disposal needs some help, or, if its use is spent, to be replaced altogether. Never fear though – Vanguard is the garbage disposal expert and will have you back in working order before you know it. One call to (773) 633-6139 is all it takes!

Common Garbage Disposal Brands

No matter what brand of garbage disposal you own, Vanguard’s professionals can quickly and easily have it back up and running – whether it’s a repair or replacement. Here are a few of the more common garbage disposal brands we deal with:


Call For An Estimate – By Phone If Possible!

Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. is happy to give estimates over the phone for most garbage disposal projects. We’ll need specific images of the unit and its mounting area (under the sink with all products removed) sent to us by email, along with the make and model of the fixture. With that, we do our best to give an estimate without a visit. Call (773) 633-6139 today!

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