Gas Line Installation & Repair

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One of the services we provide, but tell customers to steer clear of if possible, is gas line work in their home. Other than turning it off for safety, we recommend that you leave the gas line to professionals – like those at Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer. With the rise of gas-powered appliances in the home, gas lines have become more and more necessary and gas usage is growing every year, so it pays to have a trusted professional in your contact list (773) 633-6139.

Vanguard specializes in installing and repairing gas lines. Whether the lines are used for cooking food, heating water, or ensuring your grill lights correctly when it’s time to watch the game, our talented team can handle any gas line issue you have – old or new, installation or rehab. So, if you have trouble with your gas system, please don’t try to DIY the job. Call the pros at Vanguard instead. It’s the safest possible choice.

Gas Line Installation & Repair

Gas lines are different than other lines in your building and require special care when working on them – for obvious reasons. Vanguard is Chicago’s choice for all types of gas line work including:

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Your gas line is an important part of your home’s internal systems and should be cared for and checked regularly by a professional to ensure proper, safe operation. Vanguard specializes in minor gas line issues with great rates and unmatched service. Call (773) 633-6139 today.

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