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Though you may never realize it, you spend an incredible amount of time in a given day using one of the sinks in your home. It may not even register on you, but you find yourself at a sink throughout the day doing any number of useful things – you wash your face and/or hands, you wash dishes and/or clothes, you get a drink or water for cooking, and on and on it goes. If you add it all up, it equates to hours of your day, so why not make sure it’s a sink you enjoy using?

Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer is a sink installation specialist and can remove and replace your old sink in less time than you might believe. We’re fully capable of handling everything included – removal, drilling, cutting, seating, etc. When we’re through with your project, you’ll have the sink you’ve always wanted (or your old sink will finally work correctly – no more leaks!) and no mess to worry about – we’ll clean it all up before we go. Just call (773) 633-6139 today and we’ll discuss all the ways Vanguard’s sink services can help.

Common Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Brands

When it comes to sinks, there are as many shapes, sizes, and colors as you could possibly imagine. No matter what your taste or design scheme, there’s guaranteed to be a product on the market that suits you perfectly. And, Vanguard’s happy to assist with the effort. We work with any brand and have years of successful repair and installation projects using:

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While Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer is all about going above and beyond for our customers, and our free estimates when possible are a part of that, sometimes it’s not possible to provide enough information about a sink project to allow us to do so. If a customer can provide us with the make and model of the current sink, the same info on the replacement model, images of the countertop from above and below the sink’s placement, the surface material the counter’s made of, the water connections below the sink (with all products and objects removed), etc. we can try to give an estimate, but only a phone call will tell you if we can or not. So, call (773) 633-6139 today and learn more.

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