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Most people don’t like to think of sewer lines – until it’s too late. Yes, they can be disgusting, but they’re a fact of modern life and where would we be without them? Well, we wouldn’t be doing our private business inside a building – away from weather and people passing by. Obviously, sewer lines are integral to a healthy water system. They get rid of used water and provide an outlet for things we dispose of.

Vanguard has been dealing with sewer lines for many, many years and offer a select range of services associated with these systems – both for diagnosing and clog removal. We have the diagnostic tools needed to find the problem, including camera systems, and the expertise to know exactly how best to address it. That’s the knowledge that comes from years in the business and we have it in every crew we send into the field every single day. Sewer is in our name, after all.

Our Sewer Line Services

As we said, people just don’t think about sewer lines until the worst happens. Being proactive by checking your system is a cost-effective way to avoid messy repairs. Vanguard offers the following:

Sewer Line Estimates

We have everything needed to find and diagnose sewer line issues and will work with you to ascertain if the sewer issue is a city problem, or if it’s going to be a project you’re responsible for. While we don’t offer sewer line replacement, we can refer you to a reputable company for service. Vanguard is licensed to make these inspections with the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois. We can always be trusted to deliver fine service at a competitive price. Call (773) 633-6139 today!

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