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Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer is proud to offer our customers the latest in video inspection services for residential sewers and drains. Our RIDGID® video camera inspection technology makes what used to be a messy, lengthy process, simple and easy for you and our team. These cameras are amazing when used in tandem and help us uncover what’s wrong with your pipes and lines much faster than ever before!

While this type of video camera inspection isn’t as cheap as an old-fashioned plumbing visit, it’s far more effective at finding the cause of your issues – whether there’s a blockage that will only get worse, tree roots invading your pipes, or your lost wedding ring. Vanguard’s experts will find it and show it to you in high definition!

Here are a few more benefits to getting a video inspection of your drains and sewer lines from Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer:

• Reduces overall project times by eliminating the need for troubleshooting methods that require additional time and money to complete.
• Limits the damage to your property by removing the need to dig up large sections of your yard or tear open large sections of wall or flooring.
• Provides our customers with a visual representation of the actual problem – no need to take our word for it when you can see it with your own eyes!
• Eliminates the stress that always comes from trying to work with contractors around your neighbors’ property. In Chicago, neighbors can be extremely close!

Vanguard’s camera inspections are the best way to see what’s happening on the inside of a home’s pipes. They’re a great way to find answers to questions normally only asked in a plumbing emergency. Plus, they could be of benefit to you when working with your insurance company after the fact. They’re also a fantastic way to determine the condition of pipes in a home you’re considering buying before you purchase. Call (773) 633-6139 is all it takes to schedule an inspection today!

Common Video Inspection Requests

Whether it’s a simple clogged drain or a sewer line problem, Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer has the skills, the products, and the camera technology to deliver A+ results in minimal time and with zero worry. Call now!

• Help locate water leaks.
• Pinpoint underground lines.
• Identify system connections.
• Find line and pipe blockages.
• Determine condition of pipes.


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Call For An Estimate – By Phone If Possible!

Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer is happy to give estimates over the phone for a range of our services. If we get images by email of the area in question, along with the make and model of the fixture, we do our best to give an estimate without a visit. Call (773) 633-6139 today!

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