Transparency & Lifetime Value

At Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. we have two beliefs that guide all we do and are intimately tied together. The first is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and, sadly, a lot of service companies have forgotten it. But, not the team at Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer, no, CLV is what we live for. We reinforce CLV through our second guiding principle – transparency in all we do. From our very first contact to the moment we walk out the door, there’s nothing that’s not out front and on-the-table. We feel so strongly about being open that we quote by the job, not the hour – if possible. That way, there’s never confusion over time and our customers know the cost and the concerns before pressing go. Here’s just a few of the things you can expect when you hire us to help with your plumbing and sewer needs:

Dependable Scheduling

We know it can be maddening when you’re forced to sit and wait for hours for a service professional that finally shows up without the slightest apology for wasting your time. We’re people too you know. So, when you call Vanguard, we tell you a time and that’s when we’ll be there.

Satisfaction Guarantee

This is one of the biggest things we hope customers look for when deciding on a home service professional – the guarantee. We tell each of our customers that we won’t leave until they’re satisfied and we mean it. Many of the companies we compete directly with make similar claims, but, when push comes to shove, they leave their customers in the lurch – the damp lurch. That’s unfortunate and absolutely why you should call Vanguard first – every time there’s need. We can’t promise our estimate will be the lowest, but we can promise our work will be the best.

No Mileage Charges

Most companies charge you extra to come out and do anything, so you’re already out-of-pocket before a service technician ever sets foot in your home or on your property. To us, that’s just ridiculous. It’s another way companies cover themselves for the possibility that their work most likely won’t win awards and you’ll definitely not be calling them back. So, to them, your lifetime value rests only in that one service call. They try to drain every drop from you then and there – knowing it’s their only chance. Well, that’s not how we operate. We don’t charge to come out to you because we should know the way as you’ll always be calling us when you have need. We might as well be familiar with the directions and do the driving on our dime.

Free Estimates Whenever Possible

Of course, you’ve heard this one a thousand times, but when it comes from us it means exactly what it says. We know we’ve already said it, but it begs repeating, we can’t promise the lowest estimate, but we can promise the finest work – and that the estimate will be free of hidden charges. If we can get the information we need for certain jobs by phone and through images via email, we can provide an estimate free of charge (this is only possible when images will suffice). If you decide to go somewhere else, then we wish you the best and hope to hear from you in the future. Yet, the prices we offer are the lowest we can give and represent, in our opinion, a true determination of what the materials and labor are worth. Fair is fair, after all, so we aim to be that way – for ourselves, our employees, and our customers.

One Year Labor Warranty

Every single project that we undertake is backed by our one year labor warranty. This is separate from the manufacturer’s warranty which is backed by the company that manufactured the product in question. Our warranty covers the work we do 100%, but product defects have to be addressed with the manufacturer.

Expertise & Resources You Need

When you need a complex plumbing job done, you want it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. That will never happen when you’re dealing with any operation that has to run to a supply store every time they come upon something unforeseen – or that they should have known was there in the first place. At Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer, all of our trucks are stocked with the needed materials, tools, and products it takes to do any household plumbing task. We’ve been at this for years and our ability to handle anything thrown at us is something we take a great deal of pride in.

Free Plumbing Inspection with Every Service Call 

We want all of our customers to have faith in the work we do and know that we’ve not left when there are still issues that need to be addressed. That’s a given. Yet, at Vanguard, we go the extra mile and perform a thorough home inspection to find any additional issues the owner may not be aware of. This is purely a service from us to you and there’s no obligation for dealing with our findings. In the end, we simply want to reinforce CLV. There’s no better way than letting an owner know they have a problem to face down the road. No one wants to live through a plumbing emergency that could’ve been avoided if only someone mentioned it before it occurred. We do what we can to prevent that for all of our customers.

Fully Licensed & Insured

In our ongoing attempts to better serve our customers, and because in Illinois it’s the law, we hold all of the licensing and insurance policies which are required by the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois. We do this because it’s the law, but, more than that, it’s the right thing to do. We ask strangers to open their homes to us, to allow us into their intimate environments, and to work on their most valuable possession – aside from their family itself. That’s a big responsibility that we take very seriously. Our policies and licensing proves our seriousness to every client that calls us. We’re more than willing to produce these credentials for any customer at any time. It’s your right to see them and any reputable company will have them available upon request. We also have booties for our boots to protect your floors. If you’d like for our service pros to put them on, it’s absolutely no problem.

Illinois Plumbing Contractor: #055-043043 | City of Chicago Plumbing Contractor: #SBC196464 | City of Chicago Sewer: #2422 | Chicago Business License: #2637391