Dependable Scheduling

Is there anything more irritating than waiting for a service professional to show up to handle your issue? At Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer, you can forget that kind of stress and frustration because we arrive when we say we will. Punctuality is important to us too since we need to solve your problem and move on to the next one efficiently if we’re to remain the #1 family-owned plumbing company in Chicago.

Satisfaction Guarantee

This is one of the biggest things we hope customers look for when deciding on a plumbing company – the guarantee. We tell each of our customers that we won’t leave until they’re satisfied and we mean it. Many of the companies we compete with make similar claims but when push comes to shove they leave their customers in the lurch – the damp lurch. That’s unfortunate and it’s another reason why you should call Vanguard first – every time there’s a plumbing project or problem to solve. We can’t promise our estimate will be the lowest but our work will be the best.

One-Year Labor Warranty

Every single project we undertake at Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer is backed by our one-year labor warranty. This is separate from any manufacturer’s warranty which is backed by the company that manufactured the plumbing fixture in question. Our one-year labor warranty covers the all of the work our plumbers do 100%. Any product defects have to be addressed with the manufacturer – though Vanguard’s pros can help you mitigate any issues in the meantime with a scheduled service visit.

No Mileage Charges

Many plumbing companies will charge you extra for the miles they drive to your property so you’re already out-of-pocket before a plumber ever sets foot in your home. To us, that’s just ridiculous. It’s another way companies cover themselves for the possibility that their work most likely won’t win awards and you’ll definitely not call them back. To them your lifetime value rests only in that one service call. They try to drain every drop from you then and there – knowing it’s their only chance. Well, that’s not how Vanguard operates. We don’t add mileage charges because that’s not a part of delivering excellent service. Excellent service is what you should expect from Vanguard with no mileage charges included in your quote.

Free Estimates When Possible

At Vanguard, if we can get enough information for certain jobs by phone and through images via email we can usually provide an estimate free of charge (this is only possible when images will suffice). The prices we offer – whether by phone or in-person – are the lowest we can give and represent, in our opinion, a true determination of what the materials and labor are worth. Fair is fair, after all, so we aim to be that way – for ourselves, our employees, and our customers.

Expertise & Resources

When you need a complex plumbing job done you want it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. That will never happen when you’re dealing with any operation that has to run to a supply store every time they come upon something unforeseen or something they should have known was there in the first place. At Vanguard, our vans are stocked with the needed materials, tools and products to do any household plumbing task. We’ve been at this for years and our ability to handle anything thrown at us is something we take a great deal of pride in. Our customers love it too!

Free Plumbing Inspection With Every Service Call

We want our customers to have faith in the work we do and know that we’ve not left when there are still issues that need to be addressed. That’s a given. Vanguard goes the extra mile and performs an inspection of the obvious plumbing system to identify any issues the owner may not be aware of. This is purely a courtesy from us with no obligation to address our findings. In the end, we simply want to reinforce our commitment to you, the customer. There’s no better way than letting you know you have a problem to face down the road. No one wants to live through a plumbing emergency that could’ve been avoided if only someone mentioned it before it occurred. We do what we can to prevent that for customers.

Fully Licensed & Insured

In our ongoing attempts to better serve customers, and because in Illinois it’s the law, we hold all of the licensing and insurance policies which are required by the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois. We do this because it’s the law, but, more than that, it’s the right thing to do. We ask strangers to open their homes to us, to allow us into their intimate environments and to work on their most valuable possession – aside from their family itself. That’s a big responsibility that we take very seriously. Our policies and licensing proves our seriousness to every client that calls us. We’re more than willing to produce these credentials for any customer at any time. It’s your right to see them and any reputable company will have them available upon request.

City & State Contractor Licenses

Illinois Plumbing Contractor: #055-043043Current Licensing In Place - 100%
City of Chicago Plumbing Contractor: #SBC196464Current Licensing In Place - 100%
City of Chicago Sewer: #2422Current Licensing In Place - 100%
Chicago Business License: #2637391Current Licensing In Place - 100%

Illinois Dept of Health & Dept of Buildings

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Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer is a local, family-owned plumbing company with decades of experience delivering the finest service to Chicago and its northern suburbs.

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Vanguard Plumbing

Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer
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Location: 4352 N. Kenneth Ave.
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Business Hours:
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City & State Licensing:
Chicago Sewer: #2422
Illinois Contractor: #055-043043
Chicago Contractor: #SBC196464